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Acrylic Nail Enhancements & Treatments

Acrylic Nail Extensions

Acrylic nails are one of the most commonly used artificial nails in the industry as they are very durable.  Invented in the 1970's the original versions were nothing more than pieces of plastic shaped like a fingernail.  They looked far from natural and provided no benefit to the natural nails underneath.  However thanks today's technology acrylic nails look very realistic, are much stronger and provide great benefits, as well as enhanced beauty.


Acrylic nail extensions are in my opinion the classic nail extension system and in my experience one of the most demanded by my clients.


Acrylic Nails enhancements also referred to as 'liquid and powder' are a combination of a monomer liquid and a polymer powder which are mixed and applied to the Nail Extension and tip, then filed and buffed to the final desired shape. It's the polymer powder found in acrylic nail enhancements that gives the nails their strength and durability.  During the application the monomer liquid reacts when mixed with the polymer powder to form long fibres that dry and harden to resemble a natural fingernail.


Acrylic Nails can last up to two weeks and with care up to three after which infill, rebalancing or repair treatments will be required to keep them in tip top condition.


Fancy Fingers Acrylic nails are applied using a process of cleansing, priming, mixing, sculpting and finishing.  This process is essential to prevent the possibility of developing an infection under your acrylic nails.  It also ensures that your nail plate isn't damaged during the application process.


To get the most flexibility in fashion looks out of your acrylic nails, you may wish to choose to stay with clear nails.  That way, you can paint them in the style of a French manicure if you want to, or go with a solid nail colour on different days.  The simplest look for acrylic nails would be to apply either a clear finish, or a light pink tone. When you are ready to have the tips removed, you will need to book an appointment to have the procedure done.



No Fee Consultation Before Treatment


At the beginning of your Fancy Fingers appointment the first step we take before any treatment is to conduct a full consultation.  I will explain and answer any questions you may have regarding any aspect of the treatments you would like.  I will also provide advise on looking after your nails to ensure maximum longevity.   Their is no extra charge for the consultation.  At the end of each treatment I also give all my clients an aftercare leaflet which I have created to explain how to care for your nails, whether its a Manicure, Pedicure or Nail Enhancements. Also available in the download section of my website.



Natural Acrylic Overlays


Natural Acrylic Overlays.  No extension tips are used and acrylic is applied direct to the natural nail.  Ideal for clients that have long natural nails and would like a re-enforcement to their nails.


Full Set of Acrylic Natural Overlays - £25.00

Full set of Acrylic Pink & Whites Overlays - £27.00



Acrylic Nail Enhancements (Extensions)


Nail Extensions are used which are filed and shaped to the clients desire.  Ideal for clients that have short natural nails.


Full Set of Acrylic Natural Extensions with a French Finish or OPI Colour Polish - £28.00

Full Set of Acrylic White Tips - £29.00

Full set of Acrylic Forever French Pink & Whites - £30.00



Acrylic Infill's & Re-Balancing


Infill's (includes 2 free nails if required) - £20.00

Rebalance (includes 2 free nails if required) - £23.00



Removal of Acrylic Nail Enhancements


Removal of nail extensions and mini manicure - £15.00

Removal of nail extensions and a new set of nail extensions - £35.00



Acrylic Colours Available


Fancy Fingers has a full range of acrylic colours and tones available, including glitter specials.



Glaze & Go


UV High Gloss Sealant. Gives an amazing high gloss glass like shine to the nails - £2.00




So why not book your Acylic Nail Enhancements at Fancy Fingers Today?


Call Georgina on 07970 259215 or 01202 466672




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