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Shellac by CND

Shellac by CND

Ever wanted a perfect manicure and varnish to last?  Well the wait is now over!

'Shellac Girls' by Fancy Fingers. Shellac Enhancments for Fingers & Toes


Say hello to the future! Now you CAN have exactly what you wished for with CND's new nail product Shellac.

Shellac Nail Polish will give you 14 days of beautifully flawless nails.  They don't smudge, smear or chip!  Really!

Shellac combines the easiness of a polish and the durability of a gel finish so that your nails will shine like the first day for 14 days.

Better yet, removal is an easy process with no filing and therefore will not ruin your nails.  Shellac was the winner of the Best New Product of the Year in Nails Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards. Fancy Fingers clients are loving the results that Shellac delivers every time!


Shellac is a 'hybrid' finish meaning half nail polish half gel.  The product is thin enough to be applied like a nail polish, each layer being cured using a UV lamp.  Its this process combined with a special top coat that gives it an incredible shine only associated with Gel nails.

'Shellac Girls' by Fancy Fingers. Shellac Enhancments for Fingers & Toes

• On like polish

• Wears like gel

• Off in minutes

• Zero dry time

• No nicks, chips or smudges

• Mirror finish

• Flawless wear for up to 14 days!



All of my Shellac nail treatments include nail preparation consisting of file & shape, cuticle tidy & removal, and moisturise with conditioning NSI Nurture Oil.

SAVE 12.5% (5) when booking Shellac treatments on both fingers and toes!

Shellac on fingers 20
Shellac on toes 20
Shellac on fingers & toes 35
French Shellac add 2

I have a full range of CND Shellac Colours to choose from

Removal is recommended after two weeks of Shellac wear.

Keep your Shellac nails in top condition by following my aftercare detailed below.





I always carry a great range of CND Shellac colours and always have some of the latest new colours.




With shellac nail finishes a cuticle oil must be applied daily to keep your nails and cuticles hydrated.
I recommend NSI Nurture Oil which improves the longevity of Shellac and importantly looks after the nails underneath.  After having Shellac applied to your nails my aftercare advice MUST be followed and NSI Nurture Oil MUST be applied at least 1-2 times a day.  NSI Nurture Oil can be purchased from me for just 3 for a 15ml bottle.  Unfortunately Shellac may not be suitable for everyone, there are exceptions and therefore no guarantees.  Anyone with weak or peeling nails may not be suitable for Shellac in which case I would advise regular manicures to strengthen the nails after which time you're nails will be stronger and then Shellac can be applied. Your nails will be assessed before a Shellac treatment is offered.



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