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Gel Nail Enhancements & Treatments

Fancy Fingers Gel Nail Treatments for Hands & Feet

Gel nails are another popular type of artificial nail system.  Gel nails give more flexibility in appearance than Acrylic nails although Acrylic nails are the stronger choice and therefore do last longer than Gel nails, but they are slightly thicker.


Gel nails, in contrast are lighter in appearance and more natural looking.  They can be worn without coloured nail polish and still look attractive and elegant.  Typically Gel nail will last for 2 to 3 weeks before requiring infill's.


Another advantage of choosing Gel nails over Acrylic nails is that the treatment is odourless.  The smell associated with Acrylic nails is considered by some to be unpleasant, and this may be enough of a reason to choose Gel nails.


You can choose from several options such as nail tips, which are applied over top of your natural nail, and then the gel is placed on top or you can have the gel applied directly on top of your natural nails this is known as Gel Overlays.  These can be a good choice when you are trying to grow your own nails.  When you are ready to have the tips removed, you will need to book an appointment to have the procedure done.



No Fee Consultation Before Treatment


At the beginning of your Fancy Fingers appointment the first step we take before any treatment is to conduct a full consultation.  I will explain and answer any questions you may have regarding any aspect of the treatments you would like.  I will also provide advise on looking after your nails to ensure maximum longevity.   Their is no extra charge for the consultation.  At the end of each treatment I also give all my clients an aftercare leaflet which I have created to explain how to care for your nails, whether its a Manicure, Pedicure or Nail Enhancements. Also available in the download section of my website.



Natural Gel Overlays


Natural Gel Overlays. No tip is used and Gel is applied direct to the natural nail.  Ideal for clients that have long natural nails and would like some re-enforcement.


Full set of Gel Natural Overlays - £23.00

Full set of Gel Pink & Whites Overlays - £25.00

Full Set of Gel Colour or Glitter Overlays - £28.00



Gel Nail Enhancements (Extensions)


Nail Extensions are used which are filed and shaped to the clients desire.  Ideal for clients that have short natural nails.


Full Set of Gel Natural with a French or OPI Colour Polish - £28.00

Full Set of Gel French White Tips - £30.00

Full Set of Gel Pink & Whites (Forever French) - £30.00



Gel Infill's & Re-Balancing


Infill's (includes 2 free nails if required) - £20.00

Rebalance (includes 2 free nails if required) - £23.00



Removal of Gel Nail Enhancements


Removal of nail enhancements and mini manicure - £15.00

Removal of nail enhancements and a new set of nail extensions - £35.00



Glaze & Go


UV High Gloss Sealant. Gives an amazing high gloss glass line shine to the nails - £2.00



Gel Colours & Glitters Available


Fancy Fingers has a full range of Gel colours and tones available, including glitter specials.



So why not book your Gel Nail Enhancements at Fancy Fingers Today?


Call Georgina on 07970 259215 or 01202 466672




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