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The groom should have his own agenda in the lead up to his wedding day that involves his skin care regime or how he will have his hair on the day and just as the bride likes to take care of her nails, as should the groom's hands and nails look smart on his wedding day


Just like the bride-to-be, the groom's hands will also be on show when the ring is placed on his finger and when the newly married couple cut the cake.  So much emphasis is on the bride's look but this does not mean that the groom should forget his own hands.


The following article will give any groom-to-be some advice on what a manicure is and how to keep your nails healthy.



Types of Manicures


There are plenty of types of manicures available to any willing groom and best man, which can ensure the nails are cut and shaped to suit any hand shape.  As a standard process during a manicure the nails are trimmed and shaped, the cuticles are gently pushed back and the hands are conditioned.  The hands are usually soaked in warm water at some point and various oils or lotions are added and sometimes polish although for most men it is usually a clear polish.  The nails can be buffed instead of painted if preferred. Tyes can include:

• Hot Oil Massage: very popular with men and great for those hands that are extremely dry.  Hot oil is used to soften and soak the hands before they are cleaned and tidied up.

• Paraffin Wax: the hands are dipped into warm paraffin wax and then covered in cling film to allow them to soften before the manicure begins.


Manicure Considerations


Following are a few reasons why a groom-to-be might consider having a manicure.

• A man's nails grow a lot faster than a woman's and they can be thicker and more susceptible to bumps and grooves in the nails so in fact need quite a bit of maintaining, especially for those grooms who fingernails get dirty from manual labour.

• For a man to maintain his nails and keep them in a nice shape is a sign of hygiene.

• Having nail polish added to your nails will give them a healthy glow and healthy looking nails usually mean a healthy body.

• Keeping your nails clean and tidy will ensure that they stay free of infections and bacteria that can collect underneath the nails.

• Some men would consider having a manicure too feminine, but people no longer think that way anymore.  A lot of women like a man with well kept nails so it could in fact make a man more attractive and appealing to their partner.



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