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Nail Aftercare Advice & Handy Tip's

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How to look after Acrylic & Gel Nail Enhancements

General Nail Considerations


Try not to wear your nails too long.  The length of your nails should suit your lifestyle and the appropriate length will ensure maximum longevity.



Just Got Your New Nails?


Always bear in mind that it generally takes a day of two to become accustomed to longer nails, especially if it’s been some time since you have had nail extensions or it’s your first time.



General Nail Care Advice & Tips  To Ensure Longevity


Wear gloves whenever you have to tackle household chores or gardening.


Don't open drinks cans with your new nails! Use a tool instead.


Dial the phone with a pencil and learn to do things with the pads of your fingers rather than your fingertips and nails.


Take care when opening car doors.  This unfortunately is one of the most common ways to lift or break a nail enhancement.



General Nail Maintenance


Keep your hands and cuticles soft and in good condition by applying a hand lotion or better still a cuticle oil daily.  Be 100% sure that the lotion or cuticle oil does NOT contain mineral oil.  Mineral oil is the number 1 cause of lifting of acrylic nails.


Try putting on the lotion or cuticle oil before you put on gloves to wash the dishes.  The heat of the dish water will help your skin absorb the lotion or oil.


For home care and general nail maintenance you will require a file for re-shaping, non-acetone varnish remover and a good cuticle oil to encourage nail growth and to nourish the nail bed.  Never clip or cut your nail extensions and do not use a metal file.  Use one of my special emery boards.  These will not damage, shatter or crack your nails.



Acrylic Nail Enhancement Aftercare Advice


It’s important to remember to only use a non-acetone varnish remover on Acrylic nails.  If you forget this it will effect Acrylic nails in a very a bad way.  Remember acetone is used to soak the nails off, not for cleaning.


Always apply a base coat before applying nail varnish.  A suitable base coat helps prevent the nails yellowing or becoming stained.



Don’t Ignore Any Problems


Do not ignore a condition that develops around your nails.  Allergies to acrylic products are very rare, but they do happen.  If you develop a condition that is abnormal around your nails, please contact me as soon as possible.



Nail Breakages


If you break a nail or it begins to lift, you should glue it until your next appointment.  But before you glue be sure that your nails are completely DRY.  Your nails should not be near water for at least an hour before you attempt to glue.  Extreme caution must be taken so you do not to trap moisture between your nail and the lifting acrylic coating otherwise you may risk a fungal nail infection.



Nail Enhancement Removal


If you decide you want to remove your artificial nails, please, do not chew them off.  Please call me and i will remove them for you or explain how you can remove them yourself with minimal damage to your natural nails.



CND Shellac Aftercare Advice


With shellac nail finishes cuticle oil must be applied daily to keep your nails and cuticles hydrated.  I recommend NSI Nurture Oil which improves the longevity of Shellac and importantly looks after the nails underneath.  After having Shellac applied to your nails my aftercare advice MUST be followed and NSI Nurture Oil MUST be applied at least 1-2 times a day.  NSI Nurture Oil can be purchased from me for just 3 for a 15ml bottle.  Unfortunately Shellac may not be suitable for everyone; there are exceptions and therefore no guarantees.  Anyone with weak or peeling nails may not be suitable for Shellac in which case I would advise regular manicures to strengthen the nails after which time you're nails will be stronger and then Shellac can be applied.  Your nails will be assessed before a Shellac treatment is offered.



Frequently Asked Questions


Are acrylic nails harmful to your real nails if you wear them all the time?


Some people who wear artificial, gel or acrylic nails may notice a slight discoloration or coarsening of their natural nails.  But a more serious nail problem resulting from acrylic nails is infection.  This is very rare and I have never had any of my clients suffering from this as I am very conscious and aware about proper nail preparation and working in a very hygienic and sanitary environment.



Do nail extensions come off?


If properly cared for your Extensions should not come off.  Biting and picking are the most common causes of lifting which can damage the natural nail.  Once lifting has occurred it can be exaggerated by certain hand creams and oils, in particular those containing lanolin, mineral oil or paraffin.  These products are not absorbed by the skin but remain on the surface to penetrate any gaps that develop between the natural nail and the enhancement.  Check all such products for these ingredients by reading the labels first.



Do nail extensions break?


Yes. They are designed to break under impact to protect the natural nail. A broken enhancement can be repaired easily, contact me for details.



How To Care For Acrylic Nail Extensions?


Artificial Nail Extensions involves a trade-off: In exchange for you having consistently beautiful nails, you must try and visit me regularly, I advise every 2 to 3 weeks.  You must also take greater care to protect your nails from damage or breakage, more carefully than you did in the past before you had the nails applied. Make sure you follow the care advice given.