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Trendy Nail Wraps


Fancy Fingers Trendy Nail Wraps For Fingers & Toes

So what are they? Trendy nail wraps are the latest in high performance vinyl film products designed to cover the clients nail plate.  Heat is gently applied to the individual wraps.  This process activates the special adhesive on the underside of the wraps and also allows me to stretch the wrap to your nail shape for that perfect fit.


Make no doubt about it, Nail wraps are popular with my clients who love this product because it offers diversity and longevity and I know you will just love them too.  New wrap designs are being released all the time improving the choice in this exciting nail product. Please read about the two different types of nail wrap and browse the design images below. There is a design for everyone!


Why not consider Nail Wraps for both hands and toes and save £5.00


Trendy Nail Wraps come in two formats. Professional cut and get nailed.


 I use only genuine products from Trendy Nail Wraps and Minx. Beware of the the cheap imitations currently being offered by non qualified nail technicians. These clones and fakes are thinner and the adhesives are no way near as good and simply don't last.



Professional Cut


The Professional Cut range are designed only for tip coverage and is accompanied by any gel or acrylic treatment and will last a normal gel or acrylic cycle.


Full set of Professional Cut - £20.00



Get Nailed


Fancy Fingers Trendy Nail Wraps For Fingers & Toes

The Get Nailed range is designed for full coverage of the nail and toes and doesn’t require the use of gel or acrylic.  The wraps are simply applied direct to the nail plate after normal manicure or pedicure preparation work, then sealed along the free edge with nail glue.  The Get Nailed range can last between one and two weeks on hands, and up to four weeks on toes.  There is a fantastic range of creative and fashionable designs to choose from, and the choice il wraps to have only gets harder as new designs are constantly introduced.


Hand set - £20.00

Toes set - 20.00

Hands & Toes - £35.00 (Save £5.00)


So why not book your Minx & Trendy Nail Wraps at Fancy Fingers Today?


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